Acquiesce Winery

Acquiesce has become the mantra of our small white wine winery: we seek to submit ourselves to nature, to yield to the vineyard, to acquiesce to the grapes. It is in this way that we believe we can produce wines of the best quality. We offer only premium white wines and rosés which are crisp, light and brilliant. The Acquiesce vines are lightly watered and the grapes are handpicked and then whole cluster pressed. The wines are left unoaked. We do this according to our view that it is important for you to be able to taste the quality of the fruit.

At once classic and unique, our wines are made to pair with the foods we eat and serve on a regular basis. We love to pair our estate-bottled wines with fresh & wonderful salads, tacos, pizza, seafood, chicken and the stir-fry dishes for which California is famous. We invite you to acquiesce . . . and listen to your food . . . what is it telling you?

Wine expert Oz Clarke on white wines in Lodi:

“The thing about Lodi wines is that they have a softness in texture and an intensity of fruit. You can really taste the difference in fruit varieties in Lodi wine. Lodi is different. There is something here. You look at the maps with the Delta and the hills and you see how the wind comes through the Carquinez Strait and the first place it gets is here. . . But you in Lodi have this small area. That's the great thing about wine; small areas matter. Napa and Carneros aren't big. You have very sandy loams for soil. And loam basically means you can't ripen Bordeaux. . . But you should be making rosé and looking at white wines.”