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2013 Belle Blanc

Double Gold Medal winner 2014 San Francisco International Wine Competition!
My “beautiful white” is an homage to a delicate Chateauneuf du Pape white wine blend. This wine has wonderful mouth feel and tropical flavors; the lovely aroma of pear, honeysuckle and gardenia give way to a long, dry finish. A balanced blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne & Viognier.

2012 Viognier

2013 Viognier

Gold Medal winner 2014 San Francisco International Wine Competition!
Our Viognier is crisp and dry, yet round on the palate, with bright fruit reminiscent of honeyed tangerine and peach, aroma of violets and followed by a long, dry finish. It really makes you contemplate! Pairs well with fish, Asian dishes and citrus salads, plus was a hit with Lamb Tagine at our winemaker dinner!


2013 Grenache Blanc

2013 Grenache Blanc

This is a delicious mineral driven wine, fresh and full-bodied but lively and vibrant. With aromas of pear, green apple, and stone fruit, this wine pairs well with spicy Asian and Mexican foods, chicken dishes, salads, seafood and is an awesome sushi wine!

2012 Grenache Rose

2013 Grenache Rosé

Grenache really shows through this year with a long, rich finish that is both fresh and spicy. This rosé has aromas of cherry, pomegranate, plum and lime and goes well with any food (pizza is our favorite!), but pair it with Mediterranean cuisine or Spanish tapas for a special treat … or just enjoy it outside on a sunny day!

2012 Roussanne

2012 Roussanne

Roussanne has the most diverse characteristics of all of our varietals. The mouth is juicy yet still restrained, with flavors of apricots and cream. The finish is mineral, with almond, pear, and even some honey notes. It stands up to rich shellfish, salmon, spicy foods and garlic stir-fries.

2012 Picpoul Blanc

2013 Picpoul Blanc

New for us last year — with only 100 vines of this MOST interesting grape, we are pleased with the early results! Literally translating to “lip stinger” this high acid varietal has aromas of pineapple, lemon and jasmine. This is a perfect summer, by the pool, wine!

Why these varietals? Honestly, when I moved to Acampo, I made wine from the grapes already growing on the property. It was pretty good wine, but frankly other vintners in Lodi were making better red Zinfandel than I was. Then, a few years back as I was shopping for a nice white wine to go with the foods we eat — local produce, fresh salads, Asian foods — I happened upon a beautiful white Châteauneuf-du-Pape, brought it home and found it the most delicious white wine I had ever tried. When I hurried back to buy a case I found out that I just drunk the last bottle available in all of California. I began to research how to make this fantastic wine. Eventually I managed to source cuttings from the famous Château de Beaucastel in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape region of France for my first Grenache plantings. I was thrilled by the results. The combination of our sandy loam soil and these special cuttings produce wines that speak to me. . . it was like finding the secret recipe.